TWEC signature workshops


Well-Being at work

Who doesn’t want to feel happy?   TWEC specialises in teaching people to increase their sense of well-being at work.  A TWEC workshop gives participants the information and tools to lift their well-being. This in turn will increase work satisfaction and improve the culture.  A sense of well-being at work is associated with overall improved organisational performance and a positive workplace culture. TWEC workshops are very interactive and participants are encouraged to think creatively and speak freely.  

Workplace engagement

TWEC workplace engagement workshops take a strengths-based approach and are based on the science of positive psychology. They look at what your people’s strengths are, what their values are, and aligns these with the company’s values and mission.  The workshops give participants some practical tools they can use in everyday life to achieve a higher level of well-being.

Research has shown that 50% of our happiness is genetic; 10% due to life circumstances; and a whopping 40% is under our own control. We help people learn how they can make that 40% really count in their lives. And it is no secret that an engaged workforce is a productive one, so it is a win-win situation (including for the presenters, as it Is always a very positive experience).


Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; the act of bouncing back from tough situations.  Evidence shows that resilient people are more likely to perform better, remain committed to their organisations, attain work-life balance, and effectively manage change. The good news is that we are not born resilient, we learn it!  TWEC can help your people determine their current resilience level, and give them the tools to raise it.


Our preference is for short workshops, 2 or 3 hours.  This keeps attendees fresh and

interested, and minimises disruption to your operations.

Bespoke Workshops


We also write workshops just for you, tailored to exactly what you are looking for.  You may be interested in learning what your team members’ superpowers are, or how your people believe the organisation would perform better.

Basically, you ask, we write.


The TWEC experience

At TWEC, our approach is that you already know what you are doing, otherwise you wouldn’t be in business.  What we add to the existing successes of your organisation is helping your staff become an even more engaged workforce, people working together enthusiastically and committed to achieving your mission.

We are a fluid workgroup of energetic professionals, who provide you with a personalised service, tailored to your specific needs.

If you like this concept, please feel free to contact us via email to arrange a phone conversation.