Meet the Team

Marion Valster, BSc(Psych)(Hons), MBA

Marion, the founding director of TWEC, is a multilingual, energetic professional, who cares strongly about how people engage at work: with their colleagues, their managers, and the organisation as a whole.  Disenfranchised employees are usually not aware of how their negativity affects those around them. Employees take their unhappiness home, affecting their families, and the world around them. Disengagement costs organisations customers, staff and even profits.

Marion has been referred to as an employee-whisperer: her genuine interest in people, her academic background, combined with her experience in the leadership and coaching space in the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, the UK and Australia, has made her the person to bring into an organisation to raise employees’ or leaders’ enthusiasm levels about work and about the purpose of the organisation.

In addition to TWEC, Marion works as a psychologist at Tulip Psychology (click here for a visit to the website), and is a Director of the Community Bendigo Bank in her place of residence, west of Brisbane.

Amanda Pain, BSc(Psych) (Industrial Psych), MCouns

Amanda is a skilled coach, assisting clients to facilitate behaviour, life and career changes to achieve their goals. She also has a strong corporate background as a marketing professional in blue chip FMCG and pharmaceutical organisations.

Amanda has worked extensively with groups as a facilitator and trainer around a range of topics including conflict management, resilience, stress, self-care, and goal setting; and has developed change programs for organisations.

Amanda has provided career coaching within organisations and provided both individual and group outplacement support for people who have been made redundant. As a Cambridge accredited Executive Coach, with a breadth of experience spanning the UK, South-Africa and Australia, TWEC is very fortunate to have Amanda join its ranks. Besides TWEC, Amanda runs a personal coaching and Emotional Freedom Technique business on Brisbane’s bay side, called The Tapping Spot (click here to visit the website).

Amanda works part-time as a lecturer.

Jamie Phillips BSc(Psych)

With many years’ experience working in the medical and allied health field in leadership roles, and a degree in psychology, and a master’s in Information Technology, Jamie works as a Business Analyst in the higher education sector.  He has worked with allied health clinicians, nurses, mental health practitioners, administration, and Information Technology (IT) teams.

Jamie has worked for local, state and federal government as well as the private sector, for national and international companies, and has supported these through periods of major and minor change. He feels strongly that a good leader is someone who understands that people work most effectively and efficiently when they feel supported, heard, and are engaged with the work they are doing.

In his personal life Jamie has a keen interest in technology, gaming, the nature of language and the effect it has on understanding, and he strongly believes in the positive treatment of animals.  Jamie believes TWEC can help shape the leaders of the future, help workers become engaged and happy employees, and develop a new concept in leadership training through engaging workshops and coaching.