Small business

Small business should not have to miss out on being happier because of budget restraints.  TWEC has special pricing available for small business: low-budget high-quality workshops.

At TWEC, we feel very strongly about workplaces being happy spaces, and we are aware that  personal and professional development work is often outside of the budget for small business.  Therefore, we offer special deals to small businesses in South-East Queensland.

Well-being Workshop

TWEC’s well-being at work

Our ‘well-being at work’ session takes about two hours.  In this time, your team will learn about its strengths as a team through a facilitated SWOT analysis, and the strengths of individual members. We then combine these values to make your business even stronger.  And, the bonus is that participants can use what they discover in their private lives as well! Some of the things we touch on are how gratitude can increase your happiness; how kindness can alter your mood; and how a simple trick can change your anger into something more palatable!  

Getting to know our strengths has made a big difference to the way we work. Our team feels much more cohesive now, everyone seems happier!

TWEC workshops for small business cost from $350 to $500.  Travel time is charged at $65 per hour.

TWEC one-on-one coaching pricing

One session: $150


Subsequent sessions on the same day: $125 each


Block of four sessions: $500


TWEC coaching is based on the positive psychology model of strengths  and values.  When using your strengths, you enter a state known as ‘flow’ in which you tend to lose your sense of time because you are so engrossed in what you do.

In flow state, people are known to produce exceptional results.  WIth strengths, values and the organisation’s vision in mind, we use the coaching sessions to set goals that are relevant, exciting, measurable and achievable within a set timeframe.

The TWEC experience

At TWEC, our approach is that you already know what you are doing, otherwise you wouldn’t be in business.  What we add to the existing successes of your organisation is helping your staff become an even more engaged workforce, people working together enthusiastically and committed to achieving your mission. We are a fluid workgroup of energetic professionals, who provide you with a personalised service, tailored to your specific needs. If you like this concept, please feel free to contact us via email to arrange a phone conversation.