Our Pricing



TWEC one-on-one coaching pricing:

One session: $300

Subsequent sessions with different participants, but on the same day: $250

Block of four sessions: $900

TWEC coaching is based on the positive psychology model of strengths  and values.  When using your strengths, you enter a state known as ‘flow’ in which you tend to lose your sense of time because you are so engrossed in what you do. In flow state, people are known to produce exceptional results.  WIth strengths, values and the organisation’s vision in mind, we use the coaching sessions to set goals that are relevant, exciting, measurable and achievable within a set timeframe.


TWEC has a team of executive coaches for those leaders interested in stepping outside the box and creating a new perspective. These coaches have backgrounds of corporate leadership, degrees in psychology,  management accreditation and/or MBAs. Pricing depends on numbers and duration, please contact TWEC for a consultation.



TWEC signature workshops

At TWEC, our coaches are also accredited trainers with an enormous breadth of experience, spanning a number of industries (see details on our Meet the TWEC team page).  TWEC signature workshops are workplace engagementwell-being at work and resilience. Our preference is for short workshops, at a maximum of 2 hours.  This keeps attendees fresh and interested, and minimises disruption to your operations. Two-hour TWEC workshops are priced at $1,650 for a maximum of 12 participants.

Bespoke Workshops

We also write workshops just for you, tailored to exactly what you are looking for.  You may be interested in learning what your team members’ superpowers are, or how your people believe the organisation would perform better. Basically, you ask, we write. As this type of workshop may vary tremendously in terms of time and design requirements, please contact TWEC for a consultation on your needs.  

The TWEC experience

At TWEC, our approach is that you already know what you are doing, otherwise you wouldn’t be in business.  What we add to the existing successes of your organisation is helping your staff become an even more engaged workforce, people working together enthusiastically and committed to achieving your mission. We are a fluid workgroup of energetic professionals, who provide you with a personalised service, tailored to your specific needs. If you like this concept, please feel free to contact us via email to arrange a phone conversation.